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New Sound Sistim
All you ever wanted to know about New Sound Sistim... to start with here is their biography, in English (extended version) and Dutch (short version). If you want to know more, just send an email to nssreggae@hotmail.com or leave a message in the guestbook.

To answer your first question...
No, New Sound Sistim is not a sound system, it's a band! However, if the name makes you think of reggae, you are right: that's indeed the kind of music the band plays. It brings a modern reggae sound with influences of hiphop, jazz and rock. And it does have a dj/scratcher, adding a new sound. So yes, New Sound Sistim it is!


Drummer Manolo, bass player Marciano & singer/rapper Jay

Guitar player Seger, percussionist Bas, keyboard player Ron, and DJ Drywood
(photos by Jan Vermeij/Den Haag Marketing, Eva, Maria, and Frans van Arkel of Musicfrom.nl.)

Bio in English:

New Sound Sistim
is a unique and exciting reggae band around singer/rapper Jay Lorou and drummer/producer Manolo Honkoop. They create a fresh and modern reggae sound using their interest in other musical styles like jazz and hip-hop. Some of their songs are rootsy, others are closer to dancehall reggae. Now this collaboration has resulted in their brand new album ‘This World’, a stunning high quality ragga/roots album with an authentic and original sound.

In his homeland Ivory Coast Jay Lorou was one of the front performers of the local rap scene. In the Netherlands he continued his career as a reggae and hiphop artist. In 2002, after just a few rehearsals, he gave a more than great reggae concert at the famous Liberation Festival in Wageningen. His talents as a performer were immediately recognised and he was invited with the newly formed band New System to be the support act for The Skatalites later that month. Most of Jay’ English and French lyrics are engaged and intense like in ‘This World’ and ‘Rallyround’, others like ‘Good Vibes’ are lighter and concern sensi and parties.

Manolo Honkoop (Dutch-Latino roots) who is responsible for New Sound Sistim’s musical arrangements, is a multi-talented musician who is known for his unconventional style. He plays several instruments but he excels in drums and percussion. Next to being a reggae specialist he has also recorded and performed with Nu-jazz, funk, hip-hop and rock bands. Besides a musician he also works as a sound-engineer and producer in his own studio.

The two guys met in 2003 and since then frequently played together at jam sessions and between 2004 and 2005 in the 8-piece reggae band New System that was headlining several reggae party’s in local venues like Unitas and Club International. They discovered their power as a duo when Manolo started recording and producing some of Jay’s songs. Also as a duo they have proved to be a successful live act playing at (inter)nationally famous festivals like the Wageningen Liberation Festival and the "Vierdaagse" Summer Festival in Nijmegen. Guest musicians guitarist Herman Snel who has also been writing and composing for this album, saxophone players and percussionists (e.g. John Tovar)
accompany Jay and Manolo on different songs and during some of the life performances. Nowadays, next to drums, percussion, bass guitar, guitars and keyboard, the band also brings the new sound of a DJ/scratcher.

New Sound Sistim is:
Lead vocals: Jay
Drums: Manolo
Guitar: Seger
Bass: Marciano
Keys: Ron
Percussion: Bas
Scratch: DJ Drywood

Bio in Dutch:

New Sound Sistim is een Nederlandse reggaeband rond de zanger/rapper Jay Lorou (van oorsprong uit Ivoorkust) en drummer/producer Manolo Honkoop (Nederland-Latino roots). Hun samenwerking heeft geleid tot verrassende songs die uiteenlopen van roots- tot dancehall reggae met geëngageerde teksten in zowel Frans als Engels. Het resultaat van hun samenwerking is, te beluisteren op de CD This World, een album met een origineel eigen geluid, dat onlangs is uitgekomen en lovende recensies in de pers krijgt.

“This World” bestaat uit 11 sterke zelfgeschreven nummers van de hand van Jay Lorou en met muziek door Manolo Honkoop in samenwerking met een verscheidenheid aan andere goede muzikanten, waaronder gitarist Herman Snel en percussionist John Tovar uit Colombia.

In formaties met verschillende bandleden speelden Jay en Manolo onder meer in het voorprogramma van de Skatalites, het Bevrijdingsfestival in Wageningen, op de Vierdaagse Zomerfeesten in Nijmegen en ze zijn ook regelmatig te beluisteren in verschillende clubs.

New Sound Sistim schuwt de invloed van andere stijlen als rock, jazz en hiphop niet en naast drums, gitaar, bas, percussie en keys brengt de band ook de new sound van een dj/scratcher. In het kader van de This World 2009 Summertour speelde de band o.a. diverse festivals waaronder Future Reggae Ruigoord in Amsterdam, The Hague African Festival, het Wereldfeest in Utrecht, de Vierdaagse zomerfeesten in Nijmegen en op Appelpop.

New Sound Sistim is:
Zang/rap: Jay
Drum: Manolo
Guitaar: Seger
Bas: Marciano
Keyboard: Ron
Percussie: Bas
Scratch: DJ Drywood

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